We are a kebab manufacturer company that provides a wide variety of products to restaurants, catering services, and more.

Here at Kebab Factory, we are committed to our reputation as a company with the highest standards in customer satisfaction, hygiene, health, and safety. Our products have a distinctive taste which comes from expertise and natural ingredients.

Our business is dedicated to the best practice supply of high-quality meat products at competitive prices.

We offer:

Chicken Meat
Chicken Meat
Made of chicken slices, which is produced from the thigh meat. The combination of this meat and our unique blend of spices creates the best kebab flavor.
Lamb Meat
Lamb Meat
Meticulously trimmed by our master butchers to ensure a fantastic balance between excellent taste and texture.

Available soon:

Frozen, Ready To Cook Beef Doner
Handmade kebab with a traditional Turkish influence. Very meaty in flavor and has a firm texture.
Frozen, Ready To Cook Chicken Doner
We manufacture our organic doner from humanely and without GM feed produced chicken. It comes sliced and delicately balanced with a fusion of spices.
Frozen, Ready To Cook Burger Meat
Easy-to-cook patties with a very rich taste, meaty texture and seasoned to perfection.
Frozen, Ready To Cook Meatballs
Processed, refined with a special blend of spices and combined into an excellent flavor.

Our mission

We love to satisfy our distributors' wishes and needs by creating stories which people are willing to share with friends. With a highly motivated team, we keep focusing on our strengths to offer a great kebab experience. We intend to provide our customers with high quality and excellent service.

Our company focuses considerably on research and development issues. Kebab Factory is equipped with machines fulfilling hygienic requirements, having systems developed at the highest technological level.