Job description

At Kebab Factory, delicious food is our passion. We are searching for a skilled chef to deliver exceptional dining experiences that exceed customers’ expectations. The chef will cook meals, prep ingredients, and ensure our high safety and cleanliness standards are met. The chef will also provide strong leadership to other kitchen staff, delegating tasks and providing guidance. At Kebab Factory, we realize our reputation is directly dependent on the expertise of our talented chefs, and we’re committed to providing both our customers and employees with quality experiences.

Objectives of this role

  • Create delicious meals, appetizers, sides, and desserts
  • Manage kitchen staff while fostering a strong sense of teamwork and minimizing conflict
  • Maintain high standards for our food and equipment, helping us determine what needs to be ordered or repaired
  • Create and prepare new menu items or specials, as needed
  • Take our menu and reputation to the next level by leveraging your expertise, industry knowledge, and culinary creativity
  • Ensure that food safety and sanitation standards are met at all times


  • Analyze the menu and oversee kitchen setup and ingredient prep, delegating tasks as needed
  • Oversee kitchen operations, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and customers receive their food in a timely manner
  • Cook entrees and prepare other menu items such as appetizers, salads, dressings, sauces, and desserts
  • Ensure that food is unspoiled and kitchen equipment is functional, ordering supplies and restocking ingredients as needed
  • Train new kitchen staff in operations and techniques, providing leadership, guidance, and instruction
  • Oversee the cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen equipment and workstations

Skills and qualifications

  • Advanced knowledge of cooking and food preparation techniques
  • Excellent communication skills and enthusiasm for teamwork
  • Familiarity with a range of kitchen equipment
  • Comfort studying a recipe, determining appropriate steps, and delegating tasks accordingly
  • Strong leadership skills and an ability to provide clear instructions to other members of the kitchen staff
  • Certification relevant to state or country of employment, such as a food handler certificate

Preferred qualifications

  • Culinary degree or on-the-job experience
  • Experience in a managerial position
  • In-depth knowledge of food safety and sanitation regulations
  • Familiarity with the restaurant industry and the latest industry news
  • Strong sense of culinary creativity
  • Experience cooking with diverse ingredients
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